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Clocks spring forward - How to adjust your baby's routine

Us parents are likely to feel sleep deprived already and with the clocks set to 'spring' forward this weekend, none of us are keen for the extra hours loss.

We've gathered some tips together to make the transition a little bit easier on how you can adjust your baby's routine (if you want to). For some, it's quite simply a matter of winging it and carrying on as normal - this can most definitely work, too! 

Juno Jack’s Blue Mumday Blog
It can be a challenge to stay on top of our mental health as busy mums, but it’s important to find the right support and take the time to prioritise your mind. Our Blue Mumday blog includes some tips on how to manage your moods when you’re feeling “not quite right”, be that today or any other day!
New Year Same Old Me
Why in 2023 I am acknowledging what I am already accomplishing and working on myself only if it will improve my sense of fulfilment or increase my enjoyment.
Nursing Friendly Sweatshirts - What to consider
What to consider when looking for a breastfeeding sweater.
Becoming a Mum of 2 - Reaching Reality

“I realised that I was putting an extraordinary amount of pressure on myself to portray an image which wasn’t a true reflection of how I was feeling. The more I spoke about my struggles, not just to the mums in my chat group but friends and family, the more people could help me.” - Eliza of Juno Jack’s shares her experience of breastfeeding for the second time around, and the difficulties she faced nursing baby number two.

Natalie Martindale - Surviving Sleep Deprivation

Sleep, (im)perfect sleep. It’s an emotive subject, isn’t it? Natalie shares her struggles and how she has overcome them with some reminders we all need to hear.

Rebecca Staniforth - Breastfeeding An Allergy Baby
"In less than a week, the difference was clear. She had normal nappies, slept for several hours at a time and had no rashes." Rebecca shares her story and journey so far about breastfeeding her baby with allergies.
Lauren Wilkes - "Exceeding My Expectations"
For World Breastfeeding Week 2022 we speak to three Juno Jack's Mums. Read Lauren's story below including her experience with 'extended breastfeeding'.
Breastfeeding & Baby Wearing

For World Breastfeeding Week 2022, Juno Jack’s have decided to explore the art of breastfeeding while baby wearing.

My first month at Juno Jack’s
It’s my first day at Juno Jack’s, not to mention my first day back at work since the birth of my son last July *blubs*. It has been a busy and, at times, rather strange year with a house move,...
A Story of Strength & Determination
Author: Juno Jack's on behalf of Emily Happy World Breastfeeding Week 2019! Somehow it’s another WBW and we’re still on our breastfeeding journey, a journey that has so far been going continuously for 9 years and 9 months! My first...
Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week in true Juno Jack's style!
At Juno Jack’s HQ we have celebrated World Breastfeeding Week in numerous styles across the years; giveaways, competitions, exclusive discounts and the most spectacular one of all… BREASTFEST!  This year, we thought we would incorporate as many of these as possible bringing you a week of amazing giveaways,...
Author: Shauna Haughey One of the definitions of a Mombie on urban dictionary is this: “A sleep-deprived supermom who feeds on caffeine and survives on sticky kisses and messy smiles. Mombies are master multi-taskers and suck-it-uppers.” I couldn’t have said...
New Mums: Why you don’t have to enjoy every moment
Author: Charlotte Pirrone ‘Make the most of this time’‘Enjoy him whilst he’s a baby’‘This is such a happy time’‘They grow up so fast’ Ugh. These were the voices that echoed in my head as I sat crying silent tears looking...
Two babies, both tongue tied - one mamma’s breastfeeding journey
Author: Laura Mason When I was pregnant, I did not read very much about life once the baby was born. I had the app that compared my growing child to a piece of fruit and had been told about the...
Welcoming a 2nd baby into the family
Author: Alison Lockyer Welcoming a second child into the family. Of all the names I'm known by, mummy is by far my favourite. We are blessed with 2 beautiful, healthy boys, Henry (2) and Charlie (5 months) who are my...
How breastfeeding helped me to love my body again
Author: Lisa Moore Although I am now 100% confident breastfeeding my smallest boy whenever and wherever we are, regardless of who may or may not be watching, it makes me a little sad to say that this is only a...