Breastfeeding & Baby Wearing

Breastfeeding & Baby Wearing

With Juno Jack's & Laurna Hislop of ‘Coorie In With Love’

For World Breastfeeding Week 2022, Juno Jack’s have decided to explore the art of breastfeeding while baby wearing. As a mum of two who is constantly run ragged, the idea of being able to nurse my littlest whilst on the move is a very exciting prospect!

Today I speak with Laurna Hislop of ‘Coorie In With Love’ to find out her top tips for breastfeeding with a carrier.

Laurna is a trained and insured Babywearing Consultant with over 8 years' experience and 7 years of training. She runs a sling library and consultancy in the beautiful Scottish Highlands where she is a ‘Feeding In Slings Specialist’. She has also fed both of her children in various slings and carriers over the years, so what better Mumma to quiz on this topic?

Let’s get stuck in!

J:        What are the benefits of breastfeeding in a carrier/sling?

L:           There are many benefits to feeding in a sling, I feel the main one is helping you bond with baby and learn their feeding cues. When baby is on your chest, you are more likely to notice baby’s cues early. This means you can feed baby before they get too upset and you need to calm them before feeding. Doing this can mean a calmer feeding experience for you and baby. When you become a parent for the first time, it can be overwhelming, so having a gentle and calm feed can lower any anxiety.

If you are not a first-time parent, then a benefit of feeding in the sling is you are not stuck in one place. If you have a toddler to also chase after, you can feed on the go. No need to get one child to wait while the other gets upset, both children can have your attention at the same time.

J:        Is it difficult to master the art of nursing whilst baby is in a carrier?

L:           This depends on you, your feeding position, baby, and size of your chest. It is a great skill to learn, but as with everything, it takes practice. But being taught how to by a consultant can make that learning journey easier. Some people find it easy, and others take time, but there are ways to adapt things to help.

J:        What is the best breastfeeding position/s to use whilst carrying?

L:           Unfortunately, there is no best position, again it depends on you and baby. The most common position though, is the cradle position. But this also depends on baby’s age. If you are feeding a newborn, this might be comfy, but not so much with a three-year-old!

J:        Which are the best carrier types to use for breastfeeding?

L:           You don’t choose a carrier that is suitable for feeding, you need to choose a carrier that works for you. Then it can be adapted to you to enable you to try to feed. Again, this will depend on baby’s age, size and development.

J:        What are your top 3 tips for carrier feeding?

  1. Get a sling or carrier that you are confident using and is comfy.
  2. Always have a hand to support baby’s head, feeding in a sling is never hands free.
  3. Relax and allow the sling to support baby.

J:        What’s best to wear when breastfeeding whilst baby carrying?

L:           Feeding tops! You need easy access once baby is in position and don’t want to be pulling at clothing and getting in the way. A top with easy access to allow baby to latch and keep you covered is ideal!

And there you have it, Laurna’s top tips and essential information for nursing whilst baby wearing!

We hope this article has helped but if you have any questions of your own or need further guidance, Laurna offers sessions to enable you to feed your little one safely and securely in your sling or carrier. If you need help with carrying, she can also support you to find the best option for you and your baby.

Reach out to us by email ( or on our social media to let us know how you get on Mumma!

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