Clocks spring forward - How to adjust your baby's routine


Us parents are likely to feel sleep deprived already and with the clocks set to 'spring' forward this weekend, none of us are keen for the extra hours loss.

We've gathered some tips together to make the transition a little bit easier on how you can adjust your baby's routine (if you want to). For some, it's quite simply a matter of winging it and carrying on as normal - this can most definitely work, too! 

1) Start preparing a couple of days in advance by adjusting your routine by 10-15 minute increments bringing feeds/mealtimes/naps forwards. Alternatively, adjust by half an hour the day before.

2) Get lots of fresh air the day before. Getting outside will make a big difference to how your baby sleeps. 

3) Keep the room where your baby sleeps darker. This way they'll be unstimulated by the brighter evenings or mornings - Invest in those black-out blinds!

4) If you use a sleep clock, remember to change this, too.

5) Lastly - Don't panic. Whilst the clock change can result in a brief challenge to your little one's internal clock, everything should settle within a week - You've got this!

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