My first month at Juno Jack’s

It’s my first day at Juno Jack’s, not to mention my first day back at work since the birth of my son last July *blubs*. It has been a busy and, at times, rather strange year with a house move, career change and global pandemic to contend with; all whilst tackling the challenges that motherhood brings.

I worry that I will be lost today without my little Hector with me. For so long it has been just me and him for the most part in our own secure bubble, especially as we haven’t ventured out into the big wide world much lately. I’m sure a lot of mums feel it, but I have had an increased urge to protect Hector recently and this has made my return to work that bit harder.

I pull up at Lucy’s (Juno Jack’s Founder) beautiful family home nestled in the Wiltshire countryside. Inside it is warm, homely and slightly chaotic (much like my own abode). The stairway is being renovated and Lucy apologises for the mess as she leads me through to a modern kitchen/diner. Her two little doppelgangers, Jack (4) and Olivia (2), excitedly pull out toys to show me from a large stack in the corner of the room. Lucy tells me these toys have been set aside to clear out; somehow, I don’t think Jack and Olivia are quite onboard!

The pair are soon whisked off to nursery by their daddy and the house becomes strangely quiet in the absence of their enthusiastic babble.

This silence is lifted as Lucy flicks on the kettle and asks me how I am feeling. Of course, she knows it’s hard because she has been in my shoes and she insists that I take any time I need during the day to check how Hector is doing. In this moment, I know that starting at Juno Jack’s is the best decision I could have made for my family. The company is designed around and understands us Mummas; having an employer like Lucy is a dream come true. 

My first day is manic but a lot of fun. We have recently seen a huge surge in orders and that, along with the difficulties the Coronavirus pandemic has brought, makes for a lot of hard work. We pick, pack and personalise all of your orders inhouse and we love it that way. The handwritten notes, tissue-paper wrapped parcels and our breastfeeding cards all add that special touch that we want our customers to experience when they receive their purchase. Lucy brings so much enthusiasm and passion with her to work. Making your breastfeeding journey that bit easier and more enjoyable really means everything to her, and me!

Before I know it, the end of the day has come around (surprisingly quickly!) and I am travelling back to my baby boy.

Upon my arrival home, Daddy brings Hector to the door and the emotion of the day catches up with me as I am greeted by his beaming smile. I can’t help but sob as I pull him into a tight embrace and take in his delicious baby smell. At the same time a wave of guilt washes over me. I know I have to work not just to support our family but to regain some of my freedom. However, I still find it extremely hard and feel bad about the time I am missing out on with Hector. I know Lucy gets it too. She sometimes tells me how she feels guilty for working on into the evening or for being distracted by her work when she is with Jack and Olivia. Quite honestly, I am in awe of what Lucy does and I hope she knows that one day her babies will be so proud of what she has accomplished and the life she has built for them. In fact, that’s a message that I want to pass on to all of you Mummas: be proud of yourself and remember that the choices you make are for YOU and YOUR family.

But enough of the soppy stuff!

A month has now passed since my first day at Juno Jack’s and every day I learn something new. Here is just a small insight into my journey so far…

I have learnt that Lucy takes her swatch book with her wherever she goes… I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes it into the shower! This swatch book is filled with all the fabulous new fabrics and prints we are going to be releasing (watch this space), and I genuinely think it is her third baby! I have also learnt that Lucy’s mind is so hectic that our conversation tends to spiral off in lots of different directions; one second we are chatting about stock levels and the next we’re planning on learning a Destiny’s Child dance routine (also watch this space!) Mainly, I have learnt that every day is different, and I love that! For example, hearing Lucy scream in horror and turning around to witness her pet rabbit clawing his way up her back is one experience I will never forget… quite honestly, I have never had to rescue someone from a rogue bunny before. Just recently we laughed to the point of tears because it has taken me an entire month to realise that there are two dogs keeping us company in the Juno Jack’s office – yes that’s right, for a whole month I have thought the two were the same dog as I had never spotted them together before (doh!) I have been able to share with Lucy my mum anxiety, confide in her about my down days and lend a listening ear in return, and that is what makes Juno Jack’s so special in my eyes. We are not only a breastfeeding wear company but together we, and our wonderful customers, make up a community of Mummas who are SO supportive of one another.

I cannot wait to get to know all of you fabulous lot! I hope to share more of my Juno Jack’s journey with you soon but, in the meantime, just a little reminder that our inbox is always open should you want to drop either me or Lucy a message.

Lots of love Mumma,

Eliza xxx

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