Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week in true Juno Jack's style!

At Juno Jack’s HQ we have celebrated World Breastfeeding Week in numerous styles across the yearsgiveaways, competitions, exclusive discounts and the most spectacular one of all… BREASTFEST! 

This year, we thought we would incorporate as many of these as possible bringing you a week of amazing giveaways, collaborations with some incredible brands AND an exclusive 1 week only sale. 

 As many of you know, we have recently re-branded and launched a brand-new website as well as a HEAP of new designs and collections. We have been busy bees behind the scenes working on this exciting project for nearly 6 months. Unfortunately, this meant that there would be no BreastFest 2019… 

 …But fear not! Because for World Breastfeeding Week this year, we will be reminiscing on the incredible BreastFest event in 2018 reliving all the excitement, entertainment and wonderful brands who joined us in making this day so very special and you never know… you might be seeing the return of BreastFest in the very near future (wink wink). 

 So where shall we begin? Well, it has to be with our WONDERFUL community of boobin’ Mummas of course who made this day so worth it! It was incredible to see so many of you there not only locally but who had travelled from all over the country, you truly were part of something special.  

 In a recent survey22% of mums stated that their biggest challenge was feeding discreetly around others/in public. The ultimate goal of everything we do here at Juno Jack’s and in turn, the main goal of BreastFest is to #normalisebreastfeeding. We received so many messages following BreastFest to let us know that this event was the FIRST EVER TIME many of you had breastfed in public! We are so grateful and privileged that we were able to help you all on your breastfeeding journeys, giving you all the confidence to join us on our mission to #normalisebreastfeeding  

We have never been ‘just a clothing brand’ at Juno Jack’s. Over the years we have built a wonderful community of Mummas who all empower and support each other. According to the La Leche League GB, one very real problem is that many mothers don’t receive enough support in the early days and months, and simply try to do too much! Most mums who stop breastfeeding before they want to cite lack of support as the reason. As part of our recent re-brand, we made you a number of promises including; providing a non-judgemental safe space for you to share your journeys and to always support you/be there when you need a little confidence boost or some advice! We are proud to say that this amazing community of Mummas is growing day by day and we feel so lucky that we get to be a part of your journeys!  

 BreastFest brought together a number of likeminded local brands and charities who share our passion to #normalisebreastfeeding and together with them, we made Salisbury take notice and saw over 30% of our attendees on the day come from word of mouth and passers-by who wanted to join in the fun and discover what it meant to promote breastfeeding in public. The support we received from the local community was incredible, the event was featured on Salisbury TV, shared by local charities and promoted by local and corporate establishments across the city!  

 So, will we be bringing BreastFest back? We have been asked this question SO MANY times and thought long and hard about whether to make this an annual extravaganza. BreastFest 2018 was a HUGE success and a positive step towards normalising breastfeeding locally. We have A LOT more work that we want to carry out with our community and we simply will not be stopping there. More to come on this later... 

The UK has some of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world according to UNICEF with only 1% of babies being exclusively breastfed until they are 6 months old! We hope that in the very near future, these statistics start to change and if we can make even a tiny ripple (or nipple – get it!) in this ocean of struggle and daily obstacles for us mums, then we can proudly say with a huge smile that have done our jobs! 

*Sources include UNICEF, Public Health EnglandLa Leche League GB and the Juno Jack’s community. 

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